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Two birds with one sunset




I just put the hangingĀ sleeveĀ on the back of this sunset and it’s up on the wall. It is entitled “Clayton Lake Sunset”

I’ve been really busy trying to get the word out about my long arm quilting business. To do this I’ve joined guilds, gone on retreats, joined up for workshops, anything I can do to meet quilters and spread the word. Many times this means completing a project or block of the month or a president’s challenge.

This month I had 2 different challenges due. What to do? Well I decided that I could con two groups of people into thinking that this one wall hanging was their challenge….and it worked. Well it would have worked if I wasn’t so proud of myself that I had created one piece of work the fit the criteria for 2 different groups that I had to tell every one.

Turns out I’m a good quilter, but a terrible secret keeper!